About us

Bahrain Crown Medical equipment is Dental and medical distributor company that specializes in Dental materials and equipment. We base in the Kingdom of Bahrain with experiences of 14 years in the field of dental & medical distributors. We import, export, and support different Dental clinics, Centers, Hospital, and laboratories in both the private sector and the government sector
Bahrain Crown Medical consider old in the field with excellent experiences, by attending a training course with the international companies leading the market, so we understand with proficient knowledge of the dental industry is our competitive edge, teamwork with professional and skilled experts in the field of the medical and dental sales products and organizing dental lecture in Bahrain. Bahrain Crown participate in dental exhibition locally and internationally

Our Vision

The goal of Bahrain Crown Medical Equipment is to be “always the First Choice” in dental supplies, to be recognized as one of the leading distributors of dental materials, equipment.

Our Mission

To provide the best products in the world with the best standard and quality, the first choice of the dental distributor to cater to the needs of the dental industry with ad advanced quality, innovation, and competitive products for the best.