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Air Angel Portable Mesh Nebulizer


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Air Angel nebulizer will automatic shut-off after each medication dose(10 mins). You don't need charge the battery again, just need to restart the nebulizer. The nebulizercan work for 7 times (10 mins per time) when you have charged the batteries fully (about 50 mins) .Normally,2 ~ 3 times therapy per day and 10 mins per time is enough for kids.

How to use:

Click the button 3 times in 2 secs, then it will work. It is designed for avoiding kids to power nebulizer on alone.Long press the button when the nebulizer has already worked, music will play.

Air Angel nebulizer use electronic high-frequency shock technology to rapidly decompose the medication, producing a large number of micron-grade particles in a flash when nebulization.The particles are separated, purified and concentrated at highspeed by the spray mesh under low pressure. Finally, only spray particles between 2-5μm are retained and entered into eyes, nose, mouth under the low pressure drives. Spray particle has strong penetrability, high activity and strong adhesion, can quickly infiltrate the mucosa tissue, efficiently delivers solution medications for patients suffering from asthma, COPD or other respiratory conditions. Patients appreciate the small product size and powerful delivery that is comparable to table-top compressor nebulizer systems.


● Lightweight and portable.
● Low Power consumption, silent operation.
● One-button operation.
● High-output fine particle.
● Low water level sensing
● Multi-angle nebulization
● Automatic shut-off after each medication dose (10 minutes use).
● Charging via micro USB cable to any 5v usb power adapter or plug it directly into your computer.

Pakage Include:

● USB cable
● Mouth piece
● Pediatric mask
● Manual
● Certificate
● Warranty card
● Air Angel main machine