Air Kids Portable Mesh Nebulizer


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● Replaceable nebulization module

● IPX5 waterproof grade

● Adjustable nebulization rate

● Magnetic suction push-pull installation

Pakage Include:

● USB cable

● Mouth piece

● Mask

● Manual

● Certificat

● Warranty card

● Air Kids main machine



The portable nebulizer will automatic shut-off after each medication dose(10mins). You don't need charge the battery again, just need to restart the nebulizer. The nebulizer can work for 7 times (10mins per time) when you have charged the batteries fully (about 50mins) .Normally,2 ~ 3 times therapy per day and 10 minutes per time is enough for kids.

How to use:

Click the top button for 1 second, then it will work. The fog volume can be adjusted manually through add and decrease button to make the nebulization more comfortable.